Vahram Kalousdian

Timepiece Network

Over 40 years ago, Vahram Kalousdian began a lifelong devotion to the art of watch making. In 1971, Vahram Kalousdian emigrated from his home country of Armenia to the U.S. He found “time” as his calling using his acquired skills and crafts in watch making. A timepiece, to him, was more than just a piece of jewelry; it was a way of tracking memories and upholding the most important part of life, time. The birth of Timepiece Network marked Vahram’s legacy as a master watch maker. Timepiece Network became a place where retail and service meshed as one.
Continuing in its second generation of business by his son, Dikran Kalousdian, Timepiece Network is dedicated to upholding the tradition of quality merchandise and second to none customer service which sets us apart from our competitors.
We are an authorized dealer and service center for numerous watch brands. Our establishment spans over 2,000 square feet of space that showcases reputable watch brands suiting a variety of markets, catering to a customer base who entrusts us with their purchases and service repairs all over the world.